And with those words - my heart broke. As did his long before.

So last year I went to a teacher interview for one of my 4 kids. I've always been the Mum of the 'naughty kid.' Those with challenging kids will understand what it means to have your heart literally stuck in your throat every day when you go to collect your child from school/care or wherever. What will they have done today? What disaster did they cause? Who did they hurt? What did they do? It didn't seem to matte how many degrees I had in education, how many kids I'd raised before - each one just brought a whole new set of challenges, and I was forced to throw the old rule book out and open the new one - every day, just to get through.

And then, on this particular day, teacher interview day, as I sat across the desk from her she said something that broke my heart into pieces. I went home and questioned everything I'd ever thought about my child, about parenting, about the education system. I questioned everything. What did she say? Well, as I sat there, waiting for the news she told me that she thought there was a problem. There it was again.. that feeling.. what had he done wrong now? And then this... "If ever there was a kid who was a candidate for depression - it would be DJ." That's what she said. He was only 9 years old. "He is just so sad. Most of the time he is sad." He just doesn't seem to want to be here."

And her words slapped my soul into what seemed like a million pieces. What had I missed? Why was my kid so sad? And the worst bit - she was right and I knew it, but I just hadn't seen it. Not really. But I did now. And so I went home, and I asked him one question that changed my perception forever.. of a lot of things. "DJ.. What is it that makes you special? What is it that makes you different." And my heart broke all over again when I heard his reply. "I'm The Naughty Kid" THAT was his self identity. That was what made him different. ...? Not on my watch!

So in an instant, I ran to get a pen and paper and we did something... god only knows where the idea came from - higher self, guidance...? Same place all my books come from I guess. It didn't matter. What did matter was that I saw a physical, emotional, soul filled change in him in an instant.

And so the next day I wrote this book. Please take a second to read it. And as you do, think of someone who has spent their entire existence hearing how naughty, troublesome, dumb, silly they are - and wonder to yourself - do they now believe that is WHO they are? Do the names they were once called now shape their self identity?

This book, like all the others I've written is yours for free. NO CATCH. Download it, read it. PLEASE. It only takes literally 2 minutes to read. It could change your life, or the life of someone you love. Keep reading till the last page. Then you'll know why I asked for your positive word contributions. Your words can make a world of difference to someone. They already have.

Much Love Safe Spot CEO Niki Burton

Community Program Outreach

Our Super Hero Miss Safe Spot has been super busy this year - visiting loads of kids throughout Gold Coast and Logan Cities in QLD. Why? To help keep them safe around cars and roads of course!

This year our Community Program - Outreach was supported by Logan City Council, which helped us to run our program below cost, and get our lifesaving resources to those who need them most. Funding for this program ends 30 June 2017 - so if you haven't booked your centre in yet - you'd better fly!

Our program has proved to be a great success so far with over 250 kids participating and parents and educators getting involved as well. It's so awesome to hear positive feedback and to have our little ones talking about issues such as distracted driving and general road and vehicle safety.

Great Anti Cyber Bullying Resource Discovered


"Cyber Bullying is an issue very close to my heart.  I know the pain of trying to protect a child against cyber bullying all too well."

Niki Burton: Safe Spot Foundation CEO.

The pain caused by bullying is real. The affects of bullying can have lifelong effects on individuals and families involved. There is something you can do to help prevent cyber bullying. You can start with REWORD. It's like spell check for anti-bullying.

Anti Bullying Technology Update!

Today at the Safe Spot Foundation Board Members Meeting, one of our team introduced us to this great new technology which aims to reduce the incidence of cyber bullying.

If you find the following information helpful, insightful and educational, please click the links below to help the founders of this great new technology to get it into mainstream. It's people like you and I that really can make a difference....

I felt it was the perfect opportunity to share this information with you, not just as the CEO of Safe Spot, but as a Mum who's helped her kids navigate the cruel world of online bullying first hand.

The pain caused by bullying is real. The affects of bullying can have lifelong effects on individuals and families involved. There is something you can do to help prevent cyber bullying. You can start with REWORD. It's like spell check for anti-bullying.

What's it all about? REWORD.

The tool that helps prevent online abusive behaviour, identifying insulting statements in real time.

"In this digital age, we need to give our kids as many tools as we can to help online." "Once an insult is read, the damage is done."

Check out their website here:
Follow and Support on Facebook:

AND You can make a difference by supporting their crowdfunding campaign here:

It is my sincerest hope that you don't scroll past this information.
I hope you can take the time to read, share and make a difference.

For more information and resources regarding cyber bullying visit the Safe Spot Foundation Cyber Safety page here:

Much Love -
Niki B.
Safe Spot CEO, Mum of 4.

Reaching Out - Mental Health

As I opened my emails this morning, I was delighted to read a thank you message from one of Tabitha in Seattle, USA. I just couldn't help but share. Tabitha writes

" My Girl Scout Troop and myself wanted to say thank you for your page, Since the other mothers and I want to encourage the girls to be able to talk to somebody if they, or somebody they know, needs help; we have decided to talk to them about mental health. While doing research, my troop found your resources to be so helpful while they are working very hard on earning their Healthy Living badges! Thanks so much!

The girls would also like to suggest another page, as a thank you for being such a big help:

They thought that other people (and possibly other Girl Scout Troops) would find it as helpful as they did! I was hesitant to email at first, but the girls have been asking me if I have emailed you about it yet."

It warms my heart to hear from people who reach out to others, in the name of gratitude, education and inspiring others. Tabitha, and the Girl Scout Group - Thank you! It doesn't matter where we start, who we chat to or how we share knowledge, the fact is that the more we learn, share and express, the better our world becomes. It's also true that we can inspire and help others more than we could ever imagine, by simply by sharing, and so today, I gladly share a link suggested by the Girl Scout Group since it has some awesome, helpful information regarding mental health awareness. So, without further ado - here's the link again..

So a huge shout out all the way from Australia - thank you Tabitha. Thank you girls! Keep up the great work!

If you know someone who could benefit from this information - please share. You never know when you could save a life.


Sincerely Niki Burton. Safe Spot CEO.

Behind Closed Doors

Hi all
In my circles I proudly have some strong, independent, insightful people.

Some of them have survived and thrived after life has thrown them extreme adversity.

As the CEO of Safe Spot Foundation I'd like to extend an invitation to those who have found their strength after adversity - to share their story in an anonymous format and in a safe environment.

Soon we will be launching our latest initiative. A very special guest blog specifically for those who want to share their story to help others.

Sometimes all it takes to inspire someone else to make positive change - is for someone to show them the way.

Do you have a story you need to share with the world?

Lets do it together!
Take the first step and get in touch by clicking this link:

Please share this post to share the love.

Please note the following
1: As a writer, editor and author I'll gladly help you get your article piece just right. We're looking for heart and education, not perfection. If you're not sure if you have what it takes, but you want your story to be told, please just reach out and I'll help.

2: We're looking for short pieces only. 500 words max please.

3: Topics, Divorce, Separation, Parenting Challenges, Foster Care, Family Issues, Domestic Violence, Illness, Drug And Substance Addiction ... whatever it is that you've been through - that you believe you can assist others with by telling your story.

4: We need every story to have a positive ending, since the idea is to uplift, inspire and help others so be sure to let us know how you moved beyond your circumstances, overcame and helped yourself or others.

5: All articles will be anonymous and delivered with absolute privacy and discretion.

6: Your story can be told from the eyes of someone else that you know and love.

7: The story must not contain any names, addresses or personal information that can be used to identify an individual.

8: All articles will be published on the Safe Spot website and will be freely accessible by any person.

9: All articles submitted give Safe Spot Foundation will become the property of Safe Spot Foundation and as such they shall retain the right to publish, share and promote the content without further authority from author.

Much love
Safe Spot CEO Niki Burton

A Time For Giving

Christmas is such a beautiful time. A time of connection and giving.

But what about those who are experiencing grief, and those who are alone?

For many, being separated from loved ones (divorce, separation, death) makes holiday season all the more painful.

Often all it takes is someone (or something) to touch a lonely heart, and this makes all the difference. To feel connected, loved, understood is so underestimated, and so important.

If you know someone who could use a little extra love and connection this holiday season, please share the following information. You never know who's heart you will touch.

Merry Christmas everyone...

Separation of any kind can be one of life’s most difficult experiences, and often we feel alone.

Grief is experienced by all of us at some point in our lives, and it’s just about finding a way to cope when we have a loss in our lives; whatever that loss may be.

Often, it really does help to know there are others who understand what you’re going through and how you feel.

And you probably already know, this desire to help others feel understood, supported and connected is what drove me to create pure heart books and Safe Spot in the first place!

I do have a few FREE resources which may be of assistance to you and your loved ones, and I'd love you to share them to

Below you’ll find the links to both EBOOKS, and also Hardcover resources, and with no catches, you can decide what works best for you and those you support.

Here's a little more information.




*The Sometimes Dad (Eliminating Children’s Guilt and Fears About Separation)

*I Love You More Than (Unconditional love)

All the Safe Spot Ebooks and Online Resources are FREE, no catches, no questions asked. Just Click, Collect and Download.

For our Premium Members (once off lifetime membership fee of just $49.95) there are more resources and you can also access the Pure Heart Ebooks for free too.



Under the Pure Heart range, we have the following appropriate titles which may also be of benefit:

*I Don’t Want To Go. (Separation, access visits)

*The Secret Wish (Yearning to spend more time with a parent)

While on holidays (very soon - YIPPEE) I'll be working on some more really cool grief recovery resources, which I know will also be of assistance, so I’ll let you know once they’re up on the website and available.

Wishing you a very merry Christmas and Safe New Year.

Much Love

Niki Burton

CEO Safe Spot Foundation - Safe Spot and Pure Heart Books

Burgers For Charity

..Being supported in the world of small business and not-for-profit is so important so we're super hero excited to say a huge THANK YOU to GRILL'D ROBINA for choosing Safe Spot as one of their 3 monthly charities this December.

We'd love to have your support to help us secure the $500 monthly Grilled donation at the end of this month, and all you have to do is eat yummy food!

Please call into Grill'd Robina and grab a super yummy meal and pop a token in our Safe Spot Jar.

The not-for-profit with the most token at the end of Dec will be rewarded with $500 cold hard cash to keep up their good work!

Please go eat a burger, fries or something yummy at Grill'd and support us at the same time!!! AND Spread the news coz we all love Grilll'd!

Safe Spot CEO Niki B.

Proudly Supported By Logan City Council

Today the team at Safe Spot proudly celebrate support received by Logan City Council.

In Jan 2017, Our Safe Spot Community Program - Outreach will be supported by Logan City Council to help us have an even greater reach and positive impact on the cities we love so much.

From Jan 2017, schools and organisations can book their own super hero program for just $7 per participant and receive super hero visits, lifesaving resources, unique curriculum and so much more. Our programs cover a range of crucial topics and are created for kids and youth as well as parents and professionals.

The help we've received from Logan City Council means we can subsidise our programs, and in the process, help and inspire so many more people. Want to know more? Click here to find out more about our programs, to book or get in touch with our team.

We look forward to making a difference in your community - and to you and your loved ones.

Thank you Logan City Council!


Safe Spot CEO Niki Burton. AKA Miss Safe Spot.

Sausage Sizzle Fundraisers! Yippee!

Want to know how you can support a great GC born and raised not-for-profit with just a couple of bucks and a full tummy?

Safe Spot Foundation is very grateful to be supported by Bunnings Burleigh Heads and Masters Robina. These two events are our very first fund raisers and we're kicking it off right here on the Gold Coast.

Would love you to come say hi at the 2 following fundraiser sausage sizzles if you can spare a minute!

Don't eat sausage? Bet your doggy does :) Every bite helps.

Here's the details:

Day 1:
Bunnings Burleigh Heads: Fri 2nd Sep, 2016.

Day 2:
Masters Robina: Sun 4th Sep, 2016.

Thank you in advance for your support everyone. It's a very big deal to us!

Can't wait to see you there! :)
Niki B.

From A Sticker - To a Global Force For Good.

In the carpark, she stood with hands on hips and a look of intense frustration that was all too familiar. Why wouldn’t they listen? Why was it so hectic to take her kids out with her? When did she become so hesitant to venture on family outings for fear of losing her cool – or one of them?

Was raising kids this stressful for everyone, or was she the only one not coping with this thing called parenthood? She was frazzled and she was far from alone. In fact, she knew there were many times (like this one) where she knew very well she was looking like a crazy person, and was sure she was being judged as such. While she didn’t really care what others thought, it still hurt to feel like she was constantly stressed or cranky and she didn’t want to be the cranky Mum. She wanted to enjoy her time with her kids and she wanted to feel like she was doing a good job as a parent.

She looked at D and wondered how on earth he managed to retain such a level of high intensity energy – and mischief, stop just wasn’t in his vocabulary. Then there was number four – super-fast and unpredictable at the best of times and seemed to love stirring his brother at every opportunity. And it wasn’t just the little ones; her eldest son was in another world all together - his world and sometimes this meant he wasn’t even aware of his surroundings, let alone danger. All this just stressed her out and she often structured her day around not having the kids with her – but not today.

She sighed as she fumbled for the car keys and attempted to keep these busy kids close to her and their own car and away from the dangers of the road and other vehicles, while watching the middle child and placing one foot on the shopping trolley and the other leg around D to keep him from lurching in the path of anything moving. She just didn’t seem to have enough patience or hands, and they had very little comprehension of road and vehicle safety or any care for it either. It was no wonder she was going grey from the stress of trying to keep these guys safe. It was no wonder she found it easier to not take them out with her these days. Something had to change.

It wasn’t from lack of telling them either. Every day – the same message – stay here, don’t go yet, wait for me, hold my hand, watch for cars – but these busy little beings had other agendas, they were egocentric (knew only how they thought, felt and what they wanted to do). As an educator, she knew that kids learnt best from repetition and structure, which was great ‘cause she had to share the same message over and over like she was a stuck record. She also knew that with time, they were likely to become less busy and more present, but for now, this was it and it was stressful. For now, she just needed an exact spot for them to touch, wait and stay safe while she tried to find her keys and load ‘em all in the car. She knew the stats. 8 kids killed every year in slow run overs (carparks, schools and driveways in Aus) and another 60+ critically injured. And the global statistics … what if her kids were among the statistics? Not a nice thought.

Then it hit her. Quite literally. She needed an exact Safe Spot these kids could see and touch, and a role they could play in their own safety to save them from being injured and her from yelling or having to rely on verbal instruction alone. It had just dawned on her that these kids needed something to do in order to stay safe and learn about their safety and stop her from going grey-er.

So she made a Safe Spot Sticker and put it on the passenger side of her car, farthest away from the road centre and traffic - and that’s where the Safe Spot was born. From there, she discovered that her kids not only responded to having a see-touch-do safety resource, they actually looked for the praise which came when they used the Safe Spot correctly. And they obviously liked the fact that Mum was no longer so stressed out and they seemed to go on more family outings with their own Safe Spot on the car. They also seemed to thrive on having their own role in safety and even went as far as to reminded her when she forgot!

And by some miracle (or not) somewhere along the way, they became become calmer, more present, engaged and more aware of their environment, danger and potential hazards. The Safe Spot had given her back a part of her sanity that she thought was long gone. She was no longer the crazy parent in the car park and she began to enjoy taking her kids out again. It was a gift that literally changed their lives as well as saved them. And so it was time to share this nifty little lifesaving creation with others!

Along the way, she has spoken to many parents and guardians who’ve used the Safe Spot’s, and the fact is that it wasn’t just for the very busy, adventurous kids who turned their parent’s hair grey; it was for those who one day could be tempted to jump out in front of the car to chase the runaway balloon and for the parent with more than one child who was flustered with the multitasking. It was for people with special needs too, because we all learn best from having an active role in our own safety and a safety resource which engages the senses.

From there, she began to gather feedback, ideas and testimonials – and really just started to listen to what others were saying about Safe Spot and the challenges they faced as parents. Every business concept, business model and entrepreneur grows and changes and evolves as it listens and responds to the people. If they don’t they soon disappear. After time, she realised that while most loved all the Safe Spot Sticker could achieve, some weren’t sure about putting a sticker on their car (even though it was vinyl, specially designed and specifically made for cars and the harsh Aussie climate) and so the Safe Spot Vehicle Magnet was born. And the spark of creativity began to grow.

So inspired by what Safe Spot could do for families across the globe, she put her thinking cap on even over the next few years and developed a range of safety resources, all of which were created to save lives and reduce stress for parents and guardians. It was the ability of these products to give kids and people with special needs an active role in their own safety that was key and which formed the inspiration for a new focus and direction for Safe Spot.

Being a Mum of four herself, she knew just how alone we can all feel at times on our journey of parenthood and the educator in her wanted to make sure she helped not only parents, but also professionals - to give our next generation a voice and a role as community educators. She found that kids are such powerful advocates for safety and well-being when they are given permission and the right articulation for taking such conversations home to share with peers, siblings, parents, families and communities. And so in good super hero fashion, she made herself a cape, tights and a whole super hero outfit (yes lycra!) and began taking her message to her community as Miss Safe Spot. Her message was that anyone can be a super hero by simply speaking up about safety and well-being. It was a hit.

From there, she developed a Community Program, which included free super hero visits, and wholesale road and vehicle safety products for all participating kids to take home, use and share with their families. Saving lives and inspiring kids to become community educators was a great combination so it happens and when it was combined with educational campaigns for parents and community and in-services for professionals, the positive effects were even greater. .....

As a grief recovery author, she had begun to write and independently publish another series of books under the Safe Spot name, and her goal was to make these resources freely available to kids, teens, parents and guardians globally, to support those who needed it most. By mid 2016, she had written and published 5 additional books specifically for Safe Spot and there were more on the way. And anyone can download and read these books. Cool huh?

The next step was to develop a Premium membership for professionals and organisations, with a very low cost and loads of valued resources for teachers and other professionals as well as organisations who support our kids, teens and parents. And so she made it happen. This Safe Spot subscription allowed her to continue to develop safety resources, deliver community programs and implement community resources to foster safety and well-being for all people as work on the big projects which were destined to bring a new level of community and individual safety to the people for free. For a low, once off fee, the Safe Spot professional premium subscription educational resources can be shared within schools and organisations to maximise the positive impact on community and assist professionals in helping kids and their families to prosper and stay safe.

The idea (or business concept if you like) for Safe Spot grew to becoming a go-to-place for safety and well-being, where anyone across the globe could access a range of resources, information, products and information designed to help kids, parents, teens and professionals and which fostered a safer, smarter next generation in the process. It was all about developing solutions to the everyday problems faced by parents and professionals working with families, while retaining focus on individual safety and well-being too.

Along the way, while she worked on developing products and services that kids and parents most needed, she began putting the pieces of the bigger puzzle together, because it was important to her to develop a global regard to safety and help as many people as possible, and to always think big - big goals, big commitment. Soon enough, she had managed to navigate the fields of legal jargon and protocol and procedure to have Safe Spot Foundation set up and approved as a registered charity (not-for-profit) with ACNC – a huge achievement, and this became the foundation for the even bigger community goals she had not yet told the rest of the world about.

To have big goals come to fruition, it helps to have smart and dedicated people around you and it helps to have support in any capacity. It was time to take a leap of faith and she then needed people to back her, help her, be her sounding board and assisting her in learning all that she did not yet know.  This is where the Safe Spot Foundation board members whom she greatly valued and had a profound respect for came into it.  It was so cool that she had found other humans in this world who shared her genuine desire to help others for a greater good, and who were willing to give of their time, knowledge and skills without having a monetary focus. Very cool indeed.

So let’s reflect a little here – while in a few years from now, some may look at the Safe Spot journey as an overnight success, and they may not know of the time, energy and input that's gone into developing this awesome brand or the sleepless nights and countless hours of hard work, planning and goal setting - the reality was that Safe Spot did start off simply as a way to keep this Mums kids safe and reduce her stress as a parent. However, with intuition, courage and a great big dose of stubborn, it has grown exponentially since its creation and has seen its products, policies, practices and even its constitution evolve to revolve around fostering safety and well-being for people of all ages. Being a Mumpreneur does take courage and strength but the rewards are far greater than a pay packet by any means and her strength was always made greater by those involved in this journey.

She has built an entire company based on providing parents with a solution and a service and products based on integrity and morals and is now working on building an empire for the people, based entirely on empowering and helping others and fulfilling her desire to make a difference in this world. And its about far more than just road and vehicle safety now. She's come such a long way since making her kids that Safe Spot Sticker.

And what is this girl up to now you ask? Well, there are some really cool secret squirrel things happening within the team at Safe Spot, for which, you’ll just to wait to see what evolves… and the minds behind Safe Spot are looking for those great minds who are inspired as they are, to help us implement some of the really big projects we’re developing right here on the Gold Coast which will see a huge shift in corporate social responsibility and safety (keeping people safe in public) and to bring safety to the people, for the people – for free – globally. With trademarks in Aus, UK and NZ, we’re thinking big – beyond the Commonwealth Games and more… why? Because we can.

Someone once told her she couldn’t do things her way. Someone once told her she had to follow the status quo. Thank goodness she listened to that little voice within that told her that real magic and positive change was possible, only once she truly believed.

If you love the Safe Spot journey thus far (this is the tip of the iceberg) we encourage you to get on board and support this amazing home grown organisation – help us to take it to even greater heights. Your footprint can be as large or as small as you like, and If you’re a business owner or a corporation who wants to be associated with some amazing new community projects and revolutionary soon to be released products and community – please act now and show your support because every helping hand, helps us to do more great things for the people you love and those in your community and beyond.

Much love and gratitude - the team at Safe Spot Foundation -

We’re for people – not-for-profit and we’re fostering a safer, smarter next generation.

And remember – this is just the beginning.

We're For People - not-for-profit!

We've done it - as of today ..... we're a registered Not-For-Profit

It's official and it's creating a hub of excitement here at the Safe Spot Foundation headquarters....

We've been tried and tested and we've come out on top and we're officially (as of today) an Australian government approved not-for-profit (registered charity)! Of approximately 300,000 organisations who function as charities (or not-for-profits), only 60,000 achieve registration status, so for us it is a big deal and we're super hero proud of this early stages achievement.

So what does this mean? Well, it really does open the door to possibility - it helps us step up our game when it comes to funding and the size and scale and delivery of our projects, and of course, it means we can continue to do all that we do no - on a grander scale.

So keep your eyes open for developments, new products, free services and community program provisions... and more! Oh, and as for those 2 secret projects that we've been working on to enhance the safety and well-being of you and your loved ones ... hopefully we'll have more news soon...

Thank you to all those who have supported our hero Miss Safe Spot, as well as those who've tried and tested our products and resources and the professionals and families who've provided ongoing feedback about how Safe Spot has helped you.

We are so proud to officially be fostering safety and well-being - and a safer, smarter next generation. Safe Spot Foundation. Now it's time for the exciting part - creating positive change!

Another Awesome Super Hero Visit - Community Program

Super hero proud to deliver another successful Community Program to the gorgeous kids at Trinity Lutheran College on the Gold Coast today.

We chatted about all the ways our kids can stay safe around roads and vehicles, and our hero Miss Safe Spot was so super impressed just how much info these little people retained since her first visit.

And before we left, we made sure the teachers each had their own Safe Spot Community Program resources and access to our free ebooks too.

Now proud as punch, sit our Save Spot Vehicle Magnets at the front counter, to make sure each and every family has access to this lifesaving resource - oh yes, and of course they all got to take home their very own Safe Spot Vehicle Magnet and Safe Spot Sticker too.

Absolutely LOVE What we do here at Safe Spot.

Never ever underestimate the intelligence and value of our incredible little people! They are so smart and play such a vital role as Community Educators in keeping themselves, their family and our community safe.

PS: Thank you so much for my gorgeous pictures too!

And this Thursday it will be time to inspire the parents and guardians at the Teacher/Parent evening... can't wait! What an honor to help such a forward thinking, dedicated school and community.

Much love - Miss Safe Spot.

More Free Stuff from the Safe Spot Shop

We're clearing out some of our stock, and you can pick up some freebies!

FREE - FREE - Just pay $2 postage within Aus for these cool Safe Spot road and vehicle safety resources....

Captain Safe Spot Range - Limited Stock.
Safe Door Sticker - for safe entry and exit of your car

Our Car Rules Sticker - for harmony in your car.

Well that's awesome right? You're welcome :)




And all you have to do is LIKE US - and visit our website to subscribe for our freebies!

Subscription is FREE, and there are NO HIDDEN CATCHES OR COSTS!

Subscribe via our website home page:

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Sincerely Niki B

NEW Safe Spot Video Series Coming Soon!


Something's Happening!

Safe Spot Foundation FREE Super Hero Video Series is coming SOON! Stay tuned for the best way to keep your kids in the loop when it comes to child safety and well-being. Safe Spot Foundation. Saving lives, keeping people safe. We're for people-not-for-profit.

Become a Safe Spot member for FREE and we'll let you know when the videos are ready!

Miss Safe Spot!

Safe Spot Has A Brand New Team Member!

A new book launched just the other day - and another one on the way. Yes, they are FREE - because we are for people-not-for-profit.

Today, we'd like to celebrate our amazing illustrators, because without them, our books just wouldn't be the same.

Introducing Julie Sneeden, South African Mum of 4, and talented illustrator of our books "I Love You More Than" (unconditional love) "The Sometimes Dad" (eliminating kids guilt about parental separation) and "Yesterday" (resurrection after natural disaster). Julie, your work is so emotive, beautiful and each illustration tells its very own story. We are so proud to have you on board the Safe Spot Foundation Team!

And we are super proud to welcome our second illustrator to the Safe Spot Team - Introducing Kat Glidewell. Kat is our newest edition to the Safe Spot team. She works in illustration, character design and indie game creation.

Kat lives in the USA with her son and husband, and together we are soon to launch a brand new Safe Spot Foundation book called "The Naughty Kid", helping remove the stigma of name calling and labeling, so our young people can shine.



You can find out more about our super cool illustrators by visiting our Illustrator Page.

Thank you again Julie and Kat! You are amazing!

Miss Safe Spot.

Another Super Hero Visit ...

I absolutely LOVE being a super hero! Who wouldn't right? To see the kids faces light up as my cape enters the room is just the beginning of it all...

Today's kids at Trinity Lutheran College on the Gold Coast, were just as amazing as all the other kids I've chatted to with super hero outfit on.

And it never ceases to amaze me, just how brilliant they all are! Clever, bright and adorable, these kids will become Community Educators, as they find their voice in an adult world, with a little help from Safe Spot.

With our support and guidance, they will take a brand new 'cool' safety message forth to parents and extended family, and will help to ensure their own safety in a world where busy parents sometimes forget! We're helping kids to know that it really is okay to ask parents to keep you safe. Holding hands to cross the road, using a Safe Spot every time they get in or out of the car, walking instead of running when around cars, turning our head to look (kids don't have peripheral vision until around ten years of age) staying close to an adult, getting out on the passengers side of a car, wearing seat belts and sitting in car seats, asking parents not to drive fast and not to use their phones while driving... and so much more.

Thank you Trinity Lutheran College for inviting us to be a part of your gorgeous school for a morning. Can't wait to be back again for a follow up visit next week!

Find out more about our FREE Community Program, where all the kids get to take a very special message AND of course they get to try our awesome educational Safe Spot Resources for themselves.

Check it out here:

And remember, it's not just about road and vehicle safety our Super Hero Miss Safe Spot can present on a huge range of safety and well-being topics - for kids, teens and adults too!

We're here for you, and we're for people-not-for-profit.


Safe Spot CEO - AKA Miss Safe Spot.

Hope After Natural Disaster

Did you know that "between 1994 and 2013, there were 6,873 natural disasters recorded worldwide, which claimed 1.35 million lives or almost 68,000 lives on average each year. In addition, 218 million people were affected by natural disasters on average per annum during this 20-year period." (1)

The emotional cost of natural disaster can be just as catastrophic as the physical and environmental effects, and we believe if we can do something to help those affected by natural disaster, then it is our duty to do so.

And here's what we came up with - A new Safe Spot Publication. Available for you to share, no cost, no obligation - to help those who need it most, to feel valued and to give them hope in life's most difficult times. Click to grab your copy of "Yesterday." - available NOW. :)

Sincerely Niki Burton: Safe Spot CEO.


Reference: (1) Centre for Research on the Epidemiology of Disasters, UN International Strategy for Disaster Reduction; The human cost of natural disasters 2015: a global perspective, March 2015.

The Dangers Of Drugs. Are You In The Loop?

Question for everyone...
How important is it to you to be able to access information about dangerous drugs that now flood our streets and back alleys?

And if you are a parent or a guardian, , do you think having access to trusted information - (particularly if you have teenagers and young adults in your care) would give you a better chance of helping our young ones (and older ones too) stay safe, healthy and informed?

Do you think giving our youth and parents real information and facts regarding drugs, will better equip them to make educated and responsible decisions and to fight peer pressure?

Honestly I wouldn't even know what some of the new drugs are called what they look like and the effect they can have on us. It can be pretty tricky to keep up to date in such a fast moving world.

Perhaps if parents and guardians knew more about current drugs, what to look for, signs and paraphernalia - maybe they would be better equipped to prevent hurt accident injury or death and save a life?

My business and passion has taken me on a roller coaster journey, which has seen the constitution and foundations of Safe Spot change radically.

We've gone from simple products which foster road and vehicle safety to a constitution change and now a business which fosters safety and well-being of all people - across many areas.

.... So today my day has been spent building a new section in my website to bring you the information you need to share with your loved ones to stay in the loop and keep your family and friends drug-free and alive.

Most of this information on the page you are about to see, is courtesy to and copyright material of The Australian drug foundation.

Working alongside trusted and knowledgeable organisations such as the Australian Drug Foundation allows us to bring you reliable information without actually reinventing the wheel.

I have literally just stepped away from my computer and have not promoted this at all to this point.

But I would love is for anyone who has a phew spare seconds to take a look at this page and provide feedback opinions and whatever else your heart desires.

After all it is for people - and people you are!

Thank you in advance

Much love
Niki B

Check It Out Here!