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What Is Books For Hope Project?

Books For Hope Project is a Safe Spot Foundation initiative scheduled for launch 2017.

Our Goal - helping people feel understood and supported during times of grief.

How Does It Work?

Books For Hope Project sees our high quality pure heart resources (grief recovery books) gifted to two of Australia’s leading Support Services (Beyond Blue and Lifeline) who in turn, gift these books to the people they support.

Corporate Sponsorship

We’ll be accepting limited corporate sponsorship from organisations who want to enhance their social responsibility and who really desire to make a difference in the lives of others.

Corporate sponsorship covers the costs associated with getting our proactive grief recovery resources into the hands of those who need them most and by joining forces, the Safe Spot team, our sponsors, Beyond Blue and Lifeline, have a life changing, positive impact on those experiencing grief.

Books For Hope sponsor’s can opt to have exclusive rights to each stage of the Books For Hope Project, or they can share the recognition by entering into a co-sponsorship agreement with another reputable/approved organisation. In return for sponsorship, we’ll shout the praises of our sponsors with our combined and extensive reach.

Sponsorship – Launch Package

Our pure heart Resources –

Fostering Emotional Wellbeing and Grief Recovery.


Book 1

‘Where Are You Now?’

Death Of A Loved One.

 High Quality Hardcover Book


3d book cover image TSW.JPG

Book 2

The Secret Wish.’

Divorce, Separation.

High Quality Hardcover Book


3d book cover image idw2g.JPG

Book 3

‘I Don’t Want To Go.’

Separation, Divorce. Time Spent With Children.

High Quality Hardcover Book



Book 4

‘My Guiding Star.’

Foster Care, Adoption.

High Quality Hardcover Book



Sponsorship Launch Package

(limited and subject to availability)

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