The Safe Spot Team

Niki Burton - CEO & Founder

Safe Spot Foundation CEO Niki Burton

Niki B is a Mum of four, educator, author and CEO of Safe Spot Foundation. With bachelor degrees in teaching and social science, she loves empowering others and helping them better their lives.

Always looking for ways she can make a positive difference in our world, Niki is a proactive grief recovery specialist and author of many books. She's passionate about helping others through life's most difficult times and with a global vision for fostering a safer, smarter next generation, Niki and the Safe Spot team are determined to help every day people shine.

Safe Spot Foundation is a not-for-profit organisation focused on safety and well-being.

Niki's work as a social entrepreneur allows her to fulfill her destiny in making this world a better place - one heart at a time.

Safe Spot Foundation Director Damian Seaton

Damian Seaton - Director

Originating from the UK, Damian began his career in Her Majesty’s Forces; serving 7 years as a senior leader within the Royal Military Police, operating within various specialist units throughout the British Army’s international operations. He later transferred his knowledge and skills into the British Police Force serving 8 years as a Senior Detective in the London Metropolitan Police where he was responsible for investigating and prosecuting some of the UK’s most serious crimes.

Damian has extensive experience across organisational leadership, governance, risk and compliance, business development and business turnaround strategies. His international experience has afforded him the opportunity to negotiate and consult with a braod range of business, straddling various industries within Australia, UK, Europe, the UAE, Asia and USA.

A family man at heart, Damian migrated to Australia in early 2003 with his Australian wife and embarked on a successful career within the ICT environment as a senior leader responsible for growing both national and international Australian companies.

Damian is a graduate of the Queensland University of Technology (QUT) and holds an Executive Masters of Business Administration. Having honed his expertise and experience across many professional arenas, he now fuses his skill set and knowledge base, with his passion for assisting other people. Damian is a true asset to the Safe Spot team and we are grateful to have his expertise, heart and wisdom guiding us along the way.

Robyn Granville - Director

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