Pure Heart Resources

Pure Heart Books are a registered, trademarked pro-active grief recovery resource which are property of Safe Spot Foundation IP.  This means every cent from the purchase of these gorgeous books, helps the Safe Spot team to keep doing the amazing work we all love so much.

Pure Heart - another lifesaving resource - healing the world, one heart at a time.

What Are Pure Heart Resources?

We're so proud of these gorgeous, quality hardcover books. They're designed to open your heart and facilitate communication and healing during some of life's most difficult times. 

The Pure Heart books may look like kid's books, but they're actually for people of all ages and all walks of life. They're for individuals of all ages, families and organisations and they're designed to help people move beyond the grief and find happiness and peace.

Your Pure Heart book will help people to flourish and smile again despite challenging life experiences such as DIVORCE, TIME SPENT AWAY FROM CHILDREN, SEPARATION, DEATH OF A LOVED ONE, FIFO, FOSTER CARE AND ADOPTION.

Not sure which Pure Heart book is for you? Get in touch and we'll help you choose.

Educational Resources

Pure heart educational resources are the perfect supportive resource for both individuals and professionals. These Proactive Grief Recovery Resources are currently used by educators in early childhood, primary and secondary school and by professionals in the fields of health and education and adult social services across the globe. Professionals and parents can both access our Professional Family Repair Kits - and grab all four Pure Heart books for one low price.

Heart-felt educational resources brightening lives and delivering hope to people who need it most.

What a cool way to make a positive impact on our world!