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Award Winning Safety and Well-being Resources and Community Programs.

What We Do

Our Hero runs Community Programs and Projects, we publish our own books, make our own safety resources and of course we have a great freebies section too. And that's just the beginning.

Safe Spot Foundation has something for everyone! How can we help you?

Our Vision

To Foster, Facilitate and Promote Safety and Well-being for all people without bias.

Our Mission

  • To make information, education and resources regarding safety and well-being readily available to kids, teens, parents, professionals and communities globally.
  • To be a global peak body for safety and well-being.
  • To research, develop and promote standards for safety and well-being initiatives, resources, and community programs.
  • To facilitate awareness of and participation in safety and well-being education, and associated community initiatives.

Award Winning, Lifesaving Resources

We're 100% Aussie owned, so all our hands on, safety and well-being resources are dreamed up and manufactured right here in Australia. We pride ourselves on creating high quality, educational resources which give people an active role in their own safety, foster awareness of environment and danger and reduce stress for parents and guardians. Visit our shop to find out more.




Free Resources for Kids, Teens, Parents & Professionals

We have a range of FREE Safety and Well-being Resources which anyone can download, use and share and we're adding to these resources all the time! Check it out and tell your friends too.



Safe Spot Community Programs

Our Community Programs are the perfect way to educate and inspire kids, teens, parents and professionals, and of course to make a positive difference right here in our community. Find out more here:



Safe Spot Community Projects

Our team have launched a few Community Projects of our own, and we love to help other organisations work for the greater good too. Making a difference to our own communities is just as important to us as making a difference on a global scale.

Want to know more? Get in touch to find out about our latest projects, or to see how you can be involved - we'd love to have you on board!

Channels of Activity

The Safe Spot Foundation has a number of activity channels. These include:

  • Continuation and expansion of the development of safety and well-being resources.
  • Expand our safety and well-being advocacy position via media operations.
  • Implement a national safety and well-being educational community program for early youth, adolescents, parents and guardians and professionals and lobby for its integration into the curriculum in each state.
  • Implementation of a national public safety and well-being community event resource; for improved safety of public and facilitation of corporate social responsibility.
  • Provide support to professionals and organisations working with children, adolescents and parents.
  • Provide new training resources for pre-school aged children, school students, youth, parents and guardians and professionals working in the field of education and care.
  • Facilitate opportunities for new safety and well-being research both nationally and internationally.


The Safe Spot Foundation is a not for profit organisation dedicated to fostering safety and well-being. We are a company limited by guarantee and operated under the stewardship of a reputable board of directors.